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Our first "big" day of the year

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We've been alternating school weeks over the summer in order to build up a good buffer for the winter, and while the kids weren't overjoyed by the concept, they did fine. Today is like our "Grand Opening" for the '10-'11 school year.


Can I just say how glad I am to have a large family? Because, if my 7yo were an only, I would consider myself a homeschool failure. If I only had her and one of her older siblings, I'd probably just consider one of the olders a fluke.


Fortunately, I have 2 kids who have approached the day with decent attitudes (one better than the other, but still) and good work ethic. They've been working diligently and relatively happily, and are looking forward to our SOTW lesson in a bit.


But my 7yo is a miserable little beast! Her work is not too hard, she's been free to fidget, hum, and doodle. Much of her work has been non-seated. She had a healthy breakfast and lunch. She had a long break to play with the animals. But she resents having to do any of it, and her attitude stinks.


I know, based on last year, that she will have better days. But I sure would be skeptical of this whole hs thing if it weren't for my older kids!!!! :tongue_smilie:

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