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So what can you tell me about Magnalite cookware?

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I found an OLD Magnalite three quart pot at the thrift store this weekend. I got it for $3.83. :D


It has a metal handle, and from what research I did, I believe that it is cast aluminum/magnesium alloy. I understand you're supposed to care for it much like cast iron? You can season it, and you're not supposed to put it in the dishwasher.


Anyone have some of these pots? How do you like them? It seems really nice and sturdy, and looks like it will literally last forever. I'm trying hard to phase out my teflon cookware; so far I have this pot, and a Lodge cast iron skillet.


I grew up with all teflon stuff, and that's all I've ever owned 'till now. So I feel a bit lacking in this area...

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