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In the spirit of SWB's narration video with her son, I've made a vid with my 8yo


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I really enjoyed watching SWB's narration video with her son, so my son and I created a video of him working on his dictation (using WWE 2). It's a lot shorter than SWB's video as my son is only 8, but he's come a long way from the beginning of this calendar year (which is when we started using WWE)


Here's the link if you're interested!


ETA: DICTATION, not narration. Am i the only one who always mixes those two words up?? lol

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Not only is your son very handsome but he is intelligent and confident! He did a great job. My 7 yr old and 6 yr old boys are working on WWE 1. I hope they will continue to do a good job as well. I see he is a lefty. So is my youngest. Enjoy



Aw, I am going to show him this comment and he is going to blush! Yes, he is a lefty and I have to say, I wish I had encouraged him to be a righty! (he's a righty with sports, but lefty with writing)--he hates how his writing gets 'rubbed' when he works.

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