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Physical Science for 8th grade...CPO, Abeka or PH


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Oh, I need some help!! I am sooo late planning this year and I need help!


I am trying to decide what to use for dd's physical science for 8th grade.


She has been using PH Science Explorer for the past 2 years and we have the physical science books but I am looking at other options.


I don't have time to plan much now so we need something somewhat ready to go.


I've heard great thingss about CPO Science but not sure what to do about experiments. There aren't any kits out there linked to the curriculum, that I have seen. Dd loves hands on experiments yet we hardly ever do them as we need something easy or ready to go.


I've seen the link to Awakening Wonder which seems to nicely plan it all out for you using PH Physical Science. I am not sure about the text as I can't see samples. What about a workbook and TE with answers?


A Beka seems it would be the easiest to use as it has the TE, quizzes, quix answers, tests, test answers,etc. But what about the experiments? I saw Homeschool Science Tools has a kit for Abeka Phsycial Science but it is over $200. Is it worth it??


Sorry for rambling! Any feedback would be hugely appreciated! We are starting school next week! :lol:


Thanks so much!!

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