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I am looking for ideas for alphabet sequencing practice. Some of the ones I've seen in O/G trainings are laying out alphabet cards in order, then removing one (the student finds what's missing) or switching two cards (student identifies what's been moved). Does anyone have other ideas for alphabet games like this?


My lesson 30 (scroll down) has some cards and teaches alphabetization. I personally think that a remedial student having trouble may need to memorize a number for each letter, I have some cards to help them do that:






For games, I would race them in alphabetizing words, letting them use the cheat sheet and you can't look at one! They could also get a handicap if need be--they do 7 words and you do 10, for example.

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I used to write the alphabet in chalk on our back concrete patio. They had to jump on the letter as I said it. We started with 2 letters and built up to the whole alphabet, going alphabetically. They got a raisin when they jumped on the right letter.


For those a little further along, get some wooden clothespins at Walmart. Write a letter on each clothespin with a Sharpie. They pick up the clothespins and put them in order on the side of a big mixing type bowl.

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