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Violin people, help please

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My DD and DS have started playing violin. They have had a few lessons and are keen to continue. Our teacher has been gracious enough to loan us an instrument for the time being so we could 'suck and see'. Now it is time to take the plunge and purchase a 1/4 for DS and a 1/2 for DD.


Which brands should i be looking at? I don't want anything 'cheap and nasty', i would like something with a reasonable sound, but don't want to pay the earth.


I don't have the opportunity to look in an actual store as they are several hours away so i will need to buy online. Are there any questions i should be asking?



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Others may feel differently, but I think all the small violins sound squeaky.


I didn't spend more than $100 on her first violin.




With both the squeaky thing and the don't spend much. We upgraded quality when my son moved to a 1/2 size and the difference was negligible. You can try better strings and a better bow if it bothers you. Those will sometimes improve a weak sound.


I believe Shar uses the Hoffmann brand for their lower models (?), so you may see if they are available where you are to order, if Shar will not ship to you, but I bet they will. sharmusic.com

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Since you're not buying full-size instruments yet, I would find somewhere that has a really good trade-in policy. The place we get DD7's violins is not the cheapest, but they give us 100% trade-in credit against a new violin of equal or greater value. So, basically we paid about $500 up front for the first one (1/16), then we've just traded them for the 1/8 and the 1/4, which is what she has now. They've all been very nice instruments, with excellent sound, and it really doesn't "cost" us anything as the money will eventually apply towards her full-size violin in a couple of years.


Another possibility might be to look for a place that will let you rent, and if you buy within a certain period of time the rental fees apply to the purchase. We also did that with DD, because we weren't sure she would stick with it. We rented for 6 months, then they applied the fees towards the purchase.


ETA: None of DD's violins have been squeaky at all, they have a really nice, rich tone to them. I don't think I could have handled listening to a squeaky violin every day for years! Because of the trade-in policy, we've been able to get really nice instruments for what will end up being much less than $100/yr, although the cost was more up front.



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Whitehorse Music - they carry Gliga's which are excellent violins at fairly reasonable prices.



Thankyou. I found that site when searching generally earlier but wasn't sure which one to look at :lol:


I have managed to get hold of the teacher this arvo and she suggests the Raggetti, anyone have experience with them?

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There can be a big difference in sound between a very inexpensive violin and a better instrument. We have gone with renting and are very happy with a Yamaha that retails for about US $850.


Also you might want to buy a Kuhn -- it's a violin rest for the shoulder that makes playing easier. And a decent music stand.

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