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Our first day of kindergarten starts tomorrow!


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How did it go?


It didn't go quite as well as planned. :( Morning sickness stuck about 10:00 and didn't let up until after nap time. I had to take a nap with the kids, and I hardly ever nap during the day! We got through about 1 thing I had planned for the morning, and it ended up being a day with lots of play dough and and episode of Word World. The kids thought it was the best day ever though. When I was feeling better ds and I did some Singapore math and Explode the Code. He flew thew the lessons! I had't thought through what I would do with the 16 month old either! She was fussy the whole time I was trying to do something with the other kids. I don't have a good plan for this yet. So, overall... I was discouraged and "school" didn't even happen today (but I knew we were busy today and had only planned on doing 1 thing anyway)... I'll try again tomorrow!

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Aww I'm real sorry you weren't feeling well. I get real bad morning sickness when I'm preggy to.


But it sounds to me like you DID have school today. Even if it wasn't what you had planned.

Play dough, Word World, math and Explode the Code, sounds like a good first day of K to me! :grouphug:


That all happened on Monday... Tuesday is when school didn't happen :D sorry for the confusion!!!

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