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Creation Science Resources (X post)


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I just recently realized that I need to read more about Creation Science. Although I was raised in a Christian home, I realized recently that I do not know how to explain to my four year old about dinosaurs and how they became extinct. I realized I don't really know much about creation science other than what I read in Genesis. So, I need some help filling in the gaps so that I can explain it to my 4 year old son. Any recommendations on books that I could read as well as some appropriate for me and my son together? Thank you!

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Ahhh, I just did a whole lot of looking for this because next year my ds will be doing a huge dinosaur unit for science (because I asked what he wanted to learn about and ofcourse he says DINOSAURS!!!!)


We are a year out, but I am a planner LOL. This is what I came up with! Oh BTY, We love Answers In Genesis!!


Awesome Creation Science curricula are


Apologia Young Explorers Series


God's Design for Science



This is a good activity book! I have this for my boys


Wonders Of God's World Dinosaur Activity book


Other Good ideas


Dinosaurs by Design


God Created the Dinosaurs of the World


God Made Dinosaurs


Mystery Of the Dinosaurs


What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs

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