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What did you buy to start Apologia Biology?

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I'd love to jump in and buy the curriculum, all the experiment equipment, microscope, etc but that would be nearly $500. I have NOT had much to any success with science the entire time we've homeschooled, so I'm going to resist. I've wasted SO much money in science.


What do I need for about the first 4 to 6 weeks of Biology?



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You might find someone locally who will share costs of microscope?? and work together on the experiments?? Check hometraining tools for good prices.


wanted to share a blog that shows how it was done in a co-op setting. Nice pics of their slides and some videos of the kids with the "pond buggies" and other things.




couple of hints for early modules:

when you grow mold on bread, get "fresh" bread so it grows.


module 4, has an optional experiment, 4.4 with expensive cheeses. not worth doing if you don't have the money for it. You could just as easily go to the grocery store with a magnifying glass and look at the mold on blue cheese. just trying to save you a few dollars there with that hint.



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