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How much writing is TOO much writing? A little help?

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Can I just get a quick answer from you more experienced "hive bees?" :D


We just started our first year of HS last Monday and we are following the WTM. I'm a little confused though on how to gauge the writing. For 6th and 7th graders, are the weekly history "facts," "oulines," and "summaries" and science "lab write-ups" in addition to the weekly history and science essays SWB recommends, or are they considered to be the weekly written work for those subjects?


And how about a 3rd grader? He's supposed to "narrate" a reading page 2X/week, and also do a notebook page with art supplies, for each book he reads? Does that mean he only reads one book a week? Surely I am mistaken. Maybe these are for his "assigned" readings (ie, Beowulf) and then for his free reading and extra history reading he does extra pages?


We are doing Rod and Staff grammar, so we will supposedly get lots of writing with that.


Thank you for your help!

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First question: yes, they are considered to be the same ones. It is classical ed, but it shouldn't kill ya. heehee


Oh, he would not read only one book a week. The idea here is, don't discuss or narate or make a notebook page for every book. That just kills the joy right out of reading. Just ask him at the end of the week which book he'd like to make a notebook page for. Perhaps he's read 20 books, but one really resonated with him. That would be the one to make a notebook page for.


There is not a lot of writing in R&S grammar, but combined with dictations, narrations (a few each week) it will be plenty.

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I would say its all in addition.

However...it is a fair bit. We could never fit it all in, time wise, even if they could write as much as that. We focused on different things at different times.

My suggestion is...go for it as written, BUT if it proves too much, especially for beginning homeschoolers, dont be afraid to adapt and become your own authority and play around with it- tweak it for your family. It takes quite a while to get to know your own kids as homeschoolers..... you might have a reluctant reader who needs to be coddled into reading half the amount in TWTM , and another who cant get enough...a reluctant writer who simply cannot manage as much as TWTM says...and another who writes copiously. YOu might find that after maths, ENglish and History, there is not enough time for art and music and all the others. So...you prioritise, and you tweak.

And don't forget to have some fun- it shouldn't all be hard slog.

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