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Anyone use 100 Easy Lessons & Abeka Phonics


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simultaneously? I tried OPGTR with my dd and she was completely disinterested. I had tried it, dropped it, waited, tried it...you get the idea. All this time she is asking my how to read words, what the sounds are, and trying to sound out words on her own. I finally got 100 Easy Lessons at a book sale for $1 and we are going through it slowly. She seems to like it and is very excited to know how the letters make sounds.


Recently, I purchased quite a bit of Abeka from a mom who had decided not to use it. I bought it to get the Art book and the Phonics materials. She wanted to sell it as a set....anyway...


I was reading on the forums and saw where someone suggested following 100 EL with a more in-depth phonics program, and one of the programs touted was Abeka. Side note: I did not teach my ds to read, he was in a private school through 2nd grade. This is my first experience teaching reading.


I was thinking I could use 100 EL and Abeka together. We are doing several things, but sparsely, and since dd is so much more interested in reading than anything else, I am more than willing to take more time with this and less time with something else.


Any thoughts on this? I don't want to overwhelm her, and haven't really thought about how to fit the two programs together. Just would like some input.

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I used 100EZ lessons with my kids and they did not need a follow-up phonics course. After we finished the lessons, we went through all the Bob Books (some were finished after the corresponding lessons in 100EZ), we worked through the list in the back of 100 EZ lessons and used some early reader books from the library.


We did use Spelling Work Out for spelling which is a phonics based spelling program.


I suggest to wait and see how your child is reading at the end of the lessons - if they are able to sound out words in your daily readings, then you may not feel the need to do a phonics program at all.

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I used 100EZ Lessons with my three children and it got my oldest two reading independently well before the 100th lesson and well prior to kindergarten. I love it and I usually recommend folks to try that first before paying big bucks for some bells and whistles program. I followed up with Alphaphonics (didn't go through the whole book) in a laid back way and used Explore the Code and Spelling Workout to reinforce phonics rules. With my third, while she was able to sound out words and read Bob Books and such, she needed a little more structure, practice, review, and rules to become more of an automatic reader. We did Rod and Staff phonics for first grade and that really made her an avid reader. She was so proud that she could read and know what 'hoarfrost' is when she read it in our KJV Bible :001_smile:! While she did quite well with R&S, I think it would have been alot more difficult had she not had the exposure to 100EZ Lessons. 100 EZ lessons, as one ad states, "gets them reading then gets out of the way." It does not however, go into detail about phonics rules like syllable stress, silent "e" nor are all the phonograms taught (e.g., ph, kn,gh, bt, mb, etc). My two older kids picked those up those pretty easily, whereas my third child did not.


I would go with 100 EZ and maybe reinforce any trouble spots with Abeka and use their early readers for practice.

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