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Prayers please - my nephew died today

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My kids weren't close to him, but they are to his 15yod. He was only 5 years younger than me. I'm the baby of my family, so my older nieces and nephews are closer to my age than my siblings.


His daughter has had a rough life. Her mom walked out on them when she was 2. He remarried and the woman was really horrible to her. They divorced and he married another woman who treated her ok, but their marriage didn't last long. He wound up marrying his second wife again after she seemingly improved her relationship with his dd. They had a son together too.


Well, things really haven't been peachy for her. The stepmom has really just been horrible, recently had an affair and they were on the verge of splitting up.


Her real mom has been remarried and has several other kids but she doesn't really see her much, although she was there for her tonight.


As horrible of a soap opera as this child's life has been, she LOVED her daddy, and she is a very sweet teenager. She and my ds are 6 weeks apart and get along wonderfully.


So, though his death is sad and horrible (because he really is a decent guy always trying to please people), the saddest part is her loss. When I walked into the hospital, she hugged me, crying, and said, "What is gonna happen to me now?" It's just awful. Of course, she will be with my sister, or my niece (her aunt), but my heart is totally broken this evening for this child.


I'm so sorry for the vent. If you've read this, thanks. I guess I just needed to let it out.


My prayers tonight will be for her...

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I can't get into it to fix it but it should read he was a decent guy
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