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Dr. Hive - what is this?

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My ds woke up with a large, pimple-like thingy on his right knee. I poked it with a sterilized needle, drained it, treated it with antibiotic ointment, and bandaged it.


Tonight, he came over - his knee hurts, and there's a large red streak going up his thigh.


Not good.


I've got a call into our Dr., but just wondering - what is it?

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Don't let no insurance worry you about getting him treated.

There are ways they can help you out.

I didn't have insurance when I had to have an ER visit. I filled out financial

paper and got it all taken care of.



Yeah, that was my guess. Too bad I put my jammies on early tonight, eh?


I'm waiting for the nurse to call back, and I'm guessing an ER visit is in order. With no insurance - should be fun. Hoping they don't give me any grief.


Thanks, everyone.

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:grouphug: No one should give you grief. Do you have an after hours clinic nearby? They are less expensive (generally) than the hospital ER.


That would be my first choice too. Walk in clinics around here generally start at $150 + fees for tests and meds. Just walking in the door of the ER starts at $500 I think.

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