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If my DD was in PS...

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she would have missed her first day of school already. A few friends have kept their kids home this week so I think there's something going around. DD woke up with a fever, stuffy nose, and saying "everything hurts." So today we had a movie day, knowing that everything will be waiting for us after she's feeling better.


I love homeschooling. :)

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J would have been lucky to attend 5 days of school. He has been sick and there was something in the 1st Grade class already.


He would also be missing another 1 1/2wks due to his recently tonsilectomy which came out of the blue.


And people wonder why we chose to homeschool :tongue_smilie:

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Wow, Crystal! I hope he feels better soon! I was just joking (sort of) with my husband that in a week everyone is going to be sick now that school has started and everyone is sharing germs.


And thanks, Jean, for the well wishes! DD and DS are both sick now so I'm just hoping it's short-lived!

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