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Childhood of Famous Americans books


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I read a pile of these books when I was a kid, and now that I have a budding history geek I am wondering about bringing them in as read-alouds. I don't know whether they are actually any good, though.


What do you think of this series? Are they passably historically accurate? How is the writing quality? Do they have an ideology?

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My 8 year old dd loves to read them to herself. She's learned a bunch!


She's really expanded her interests through these books. There's no way, for example, that I could have seen her choosing a book about Teddy Roosevelt on her own before she started this series! She wants to read about all kinds of subjects bec. of the books' appealing style and format.


I have no idea how accurate they are or how they would appeal as a read-aloud for a younger student, though.


I say just choose one from the library and give it a whirl.

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