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So, there was a shooting threat at dd's cc today...

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Apparently a recently fired, disgruntled employee made a threat. Dd said there were cops everywhere and they will be around for several weeks. But what about when those weeks are up?


Dd is scared, and frankly, so am I.


What the he** is wrong with people? Why must such nutbags roam the earth?


WWYD? Because my momma bear instincts want to jerk her out of there as quickly as I can and never send her back.

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Of course I understand the mama instinct! However, I hate to say it but this could happen anywhere (and sadly, something similar happened in my insanely safe neighborhood, too). Although this could happen anywhere, this was not completely random-- someone had a vendetta-- and luckily the cops are taking it very seriously.


I think it is important to make sure your dd knows to get OUT if she sees cops responding to a situation. We were shocked in our neighborhood how many people came out to "see what was going on" when there were 10 cop cars wailing away outside the grocery. Also, making sure she knows to be "street smart"-- sizing up the situation/ area, be alert for things out-of-place, trust her instincts, be wary of strangers, etc....

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WWYD? Because my momma bear instincts want to jerk her out of there as quickly as I can and never send her back.


That's exactly what I would do, but I should also mention that I am a little on the overprotective side.


This doesn't sound like a simple little threat if the police are taking it so seriously; perhaps they know that this former employee has violent tendencies or something. Of course, maybe they don't have any scary info about the person, and are just being extra-cautious, but it would be a bit foolhardy to assume that nothing will happen -- how could the police possibly keep someone off of a cc campus? There are simply too many people around all the time, and it would be easy for the ex-employee to sneak in without being noticed.


I know we can't protect ourselves from every possibility of violence, but in this case, a real threat has been made.



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