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When it rains it pours

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No joke.


I've had a horrible week. We haven't done lessons because I've been too drained.


Issues with my ds that I'm stressed about. Debating what sort of treatment he needs.


Trying to get my house cleaned and ready for visitors that will be staying here for three weeks.


And NOW, my ceiling is leaking....badly. There's a whole section completely wet and dripping. My carpet is soaked through. I'm on the phone trying to get SOMEONE to come out here. On the phone with insurance and I've been transfered 4x and on hold for over 10 mintues.


My insurance carrier is saying that my policy does not exist in the system!!!!!!!


Why do all things stressful happen in big walloping doses?

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It's the air handler. I called the our A/C repair back, and told him that someone needed to get out here now.


DH got home before they got here. Turns out that last Oct. when our A/C coil was replaced, the drain pan was bent and damaged and the auto shut off switch was not in properly in place. So when the pipe became clogged, the auto switch did not work which allowed the water to flood out of the damaged drain pan.


We have our A/C turned off for now. Two men showed up and they're doing stuff.


DH is on the phone with insurance. After being transfered three times and never getting the right person, he became a bit more stern with the person on the phone. He's on hold. :glare:


Am I wrong to think that we shouldn't pay for the service call for the A/C? It was *their* fault this happened.


DH video taped the damage before they got here.

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Am I wrong to think that we shouldn't pay for the service call for the A/C? It was *their* fault this happened.


DH video taped the damage before they got here.


It would appear to me that the a/c company needs to 'eat' this. Just to strengthen your position, was there a guarantee on the work they did?


And, the water damage.........do you need drywall work, etc? That should also be the responsibility of the a/c company.


I hope it all works out for you.:grouphug:

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I can't believe this.


The repair men came and went saying everything was fixed. So DH and I went to Lowes to get a big fan and some bleach. We also picked up dinner.


We came home to another mini flood. This time a different area of the ceiling. We turned the A/C back off, and DH went into the attic. He's been up there for a couple hours. He says it looks like the leaking was coming from the spot where the drain pipe and connector meet. DH thinks that the repair men didn't seal it properly when they put it back together.


Now, we have *more* water damage. I am livid.

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How in the world would I get the A/C company to pay for my damages?





We had a company come and install drain system since our basement leaked everytime it rained hard. About 2 weeks later we had torrential downpours. Not only did the usual areas leak, the ENTIRE finished basement was a squishy mess.


The workmen install the drain system unplugged the sump pump to use the outlet for their equipment and never plugged it back in.


The company initially said it wasn't there fault because according to their checklist, they had plugged the sump back in. Many rounds later, I convinced them it was their fault (because no one had even been in the room since they left). They paid for new padding under the carpet in one room where we couldn't get it dried out in time, professional cleaning in another room, and reinstalling of carpet in room needing new padding.


EMPHATICALLY state your case as to why they are at fault, don't let them give you lame excuses about how it couldn't possibly be their fault and tell them you have documentation of the faulty work. If you are not assertive or don't like to argue, let your husband or someone who does like to argue talk to them. They should be willing to fix this if they care about customer service at all. Otherwise you might have to take them to small claims court.

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