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We have just finished our first week of Homeschooling.. and I think it went well.


However, as we were driving in the car to a playdate, my ds6 commented that they used to go to a Christian school but our homeschool is like a public school because we don't learn about God. GULP went mom!!!!:blushing:


I've been reading a devotional and we do talk about God, but at their former school they had a very extensive and wonderful Bible curriculum. So I think I need to find a curriculum for us at home.


The boys are signed up for Awana, so I am not looking for Bible memorization. Does anyone have a suggestion for a Bible story based curriculum for ages 3-8 with some written activities for the older ones?





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SWM, is there a reason you don't recommend CLE for lower grades? I've been thinking about ordering for my K'er and 3rd grader. Thanks so much! :001_smile:


We didn't do K, but 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The 2nd grade was fun but very teacher intensive. I would assume that the K and 1 are even more so. Long story, simple activity. It was fun, but not awesome and I didn't find it really meaty (not that 7 year olds need ton of meat...). The 3rd and up are awesome - great stories, great application, map work, verses. My kids and I LOVE it. I would *highly* recommend the Rod and Staff Bible readers for 2nd grade. They are AWESOME. The workbook was a bit tedious, so when we did it we did a lot orally - but the readers are fabulous.

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Why not just read them a passage from the Bible and then have them respond in a notebook. This is how I do my personal time -- you'd probably have to help them get started. Even younger ones could draw pictures. This would help them learn how to study when they're older. It would also give them a chance each day to spend time with God and contemplating what He has to say to them. You're already doing AWANA, so that should help with memorization.

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Another option is Community Bible Study..if your area has one. They have homeschool classes that are broken up by age group. And the great part is thta the kids study the same book as you so there is lots of discussion. The kid's workbooks are great. Look to see if you have one around you:


Sorry, I just realized you are in Canada..But CBS is a worldwide thing so here is the canadian website:


editing for a third time! LOL...It appears from the website that Canada CBS doesn't offer the homeschool programs? That is a bummer. (Unless I am reading it wrong) Oh well, maybe the links will help someone. It is a great program...

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I highly recommend Summit Ministries' curriculums at the link below. They go beyond simply teaching Bible stories.




They help children integrate their faith into all areas of live to develop a Christian worldview. An example would be their Building on the Rock curriculum. A decsription of it is the following:


"Building on the Rock is the first fully integrated worldview and Bible survey course for elementary school students. This unique curriculum is designed to help younger students begin to formulate and relate learned Bible facts with a genuine Christian worldview, while laying the groundwork for later comparative worldview studies.


Building on the Rock is designed to help students interpret knowledge and build foundational beliefs and values from a Christian perspective. In an age of competing worldviews, this curriculum will help young students formulate a biblical perspective of the world so that they will reflect the Scriptures both in their thoughts and in their actions.


Building on the Rock includes six sections of study designed in a spiral sequence that effectively integrates both worldview and biblical content. Each grade level concentrates on one of the sections and either reviews or introduces the others. One incredible advantage of this design is that students who enter the curriculum at different grade levels can be easily included without having gone through the previous grades.


The theme for Grade 1 is entitled Wisdom. It lays the foundation for the curriculum by presenting four Biblical Truths related to God and truth, emphasizing the relational nature of God and the personal nature of truth as expressed in Christ. The themes for Grades 2–5, entitled Fellowship, Image-Bearing, Servanthood, and Stewardship, focus on the four relationships of creation. Each theme develops four Biblical Truths within the framework of creation, fall, and redemption. The first two Biblical Truths within each theme address God’s creational intent for the relationship. The third Biblical Truth focuses on the effects of the fall on the relationship, and the fourth on the redemption and restoration of the relationship through the atoning work of Christ. The theme for Grade 6 is entitled A World of Worldviews. It introduces students to the essential components of all worldviews, laying the groundwork for Lightbearers in the middle grades and further comparative worldview studies."


I am using BOR with my daughter right now and it is excellent.

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Thanks for all the help! I think the Bible Study Guide for all Ages might work. What do you order? I am assuming you need the kids pages and the teacher's guide... Do I need the timeline, the CD, anything else??


Thanks again.


It depends on how you want to use it.


I buy just the TM because none of my kids like writing activities. That way we read the stroy and answer the questions and do the review questions. I also use some of the memorization activities to work on the books of the Bible and such.


I do know people who buy just the activity sheets. I also know people who buy both because they want the review and extra activities in the TM, but their kids still like the activity sheets.


The timeline work and everything else is gravy. The songs are scheduled in the TM, but we never used them. The timeline work looks cool but my kids have never been that into timelines for history, so I didn't want to make them do Bible as well. The mapping includes a lot of review, and my dd just wasn't into it. We do a lot of mapping with TOG, so I didn't see a reason to push it.



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Guest BourneAgain

I wholeheartedly recommend the What We Believe series of books from Apologia. The first two books are gorgeous, easy to use, and use stories and teaching text to convey a clear biblical worldview. The publisher says the books are for ages 6 to 14, but I know families who are using them with kids as young as 4 and as old as 16. Some parents use the books as family devotionals, while others use them as curriculum. I'm using them for Bible classes with my daughters — 9, 12, and 14 — and they love them! And so do I!

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I guess I should update this thread with the choice I made!


I decided to use my old story Bible book (Taylors Bible Story Bible) with the kids. During breakfast, I read one story (or two if the kids beg!), and the kids take turn answering the questions at the end. It takes about 5-10 minutes, and we end with talking about things to pray about, and then we pray.


It has become one of the best, most-anticipated parts of the day. I think in the future we will use more formal curriculum, but for now, the story Bible is perfect!

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You girls are SUCH a wealth of information! I had never even heard of Bible Study Guide until I stumbled upon this thread . . . I am SO glad I followed that link! It looks incredible and I LOVE that everyone in the family can study the same lessons at their OWN level. Thanks so much!

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