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free preschool pages??

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I need some developmentally appropriate pages for my dd3. She seriously wants to 'do school' when her bubba does. Yesterday she was asking her PT and OT for homework LOL. I guess at some point I deleted all of my preK bookmarks and can't find what I am looking for. I know about letterofthe week.com but that is not what I am looking for, sort of any way.


Dd3 has some mild delays from being born 14 weeks premature so the typical preschool stuff I am finding is actually too advanced. I am looking for places I can find the occassional worksheet to print with simple skills like tracing straight vertical or horizontal lines, matching simple shapes, and so on. I don't want coloring book pages. I know, I can make my own but mine won't have the cute factor and honestly, I don't want to make or create them. Besides, I know they are out there and someone else created them...


I also need it to be free. I don't have extra money (even $20) right now to spend on a website I would only occassionaly use.


Thanks so much for helping me!

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