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Saxon Alg 2 Worksheets

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Do they have extra practice problems in the back of the text? I know they did for most of them. He could also redo some problems that he struggled with another day. The problems are usually involved enough that it's not likely he'd have the answer memorized and just redoing the same ones may be good enough.


Another idea is to see what lesson the problem is coming from that he needs more work on, and then skim through the lesson problems looking for the ones specifically from that lesson. If it's the current lesson that he needs more work on, you can skim ahead in the book and find the problems with that lesson number and have him do some of those. Again, by the time he comes up to them in the book, he'll likely not remember the answer and it will be like doing it for the first time. Only thing to consider when doing this is that even though a problem says that it comes from a certain lesson, problems later in the book may incorporate some new twists on what had been learned in the lesson, or may even incorporate some other concepts learned since that lesson. In other words, while they're similar, they will probably be harder.


Would the Khan Academy work? It's free, but I don't know if it's mostly for understanding a concept, or for practicing that concept.


If he's finding he needs more work on each of the lesson practice problems, he may just want to add doing all the practice problems from a different lesson, like one five lessons back or so, each day. My dd has also found that it's really important to do the problems in the lesson that they work out and make sure that you get the same answer they do. Working these problems makes the lesson practice so much easier.


Another thought - is he at the beginning of the book? What did he do last year - Saxon Algebra 1? The beginning of the Saxon books is usually all review for the first 15 to 20? lessons, so if he's having trouble, it may be that he doesn't remember what he learned in Algebra 1. It's even more likely if he did a separate geometry course last year. If it's the beginning lessons that he needs more practice on, I'd go back to the lessons in Algebra I for more review work. It takes a bit to get back up to speed in algebra after a year of only geometry.

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