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Online German Resources, podcasts, etc.


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My daughter, who just started K, is fairly fluent in German. I work hard to provide a German-rich environment, including German read-alouds, German-language television shows, German-language podcasts, German curriculum materials, etc.


At the moment, her favorite German-language things are:


Die Sendung mit der Maus

The Wissen Macht Ah! video podcast

The Lesemaus historical books -- Ein Tag im Mittelalter, Ein Tag im alten Rom, etc.

The Sendung mit der Maus web site (http://www.wdrmaus.de/)


I'm wondering if anyone has other suggestions, primarily for things she could do on the computer or obtain as a podcast (in other words, things that don't have to be shipped from Germany!). I've previewed the Do Re Mikro podcast, and I think it may be a bit old for her at the moment, though I'll probably try it in a few months. I've also downloaded a couple of episodes of the Märchenpodcast, but we haven't listened to them together yet.

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