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Prayer request.... pregnancy related question

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my dd just called me and said she was on her way to the hospital. She is 25 weeks along with her second dd. She is having bleeding. Her ultrasound at 20 weeks showed a low placenta, that they were watching. Please keep her in your prayers. Also, does anyone have any experience with 2nd trimester bleeding?


She lives 4 1/2 hours away in Tennessee. It is absolutely killing me not to be close in case she needs me. I have been struggling with this for a year. She has another dd that is 10 months old and I struggle with being so far away. I HATE NOT BEING THERE!!!! (just had to get that off my chest.)


Prayers appreciated.

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Praying here, Teresa! You must be so worried, and I can only imagine how your dd is feeling right now. I hope it's not serious, and that everything will be fine.


Please keep us updated when you hear something, unless of course, you end up getting in the car and driving all night! (And if you do, please be careful!)





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Guest ME-Mommy

I had bleeding all throughout my 3rd pregnancy due to the placenta being attached directly over the opening to the cervix. When the uterus expanded/stretched it moved up the uterine wall some, but not much. The doctor was concerned that when I went into labor, I might bleed heavily...but I didn't.


It was scary...I was on "reduced activity", no heavy lifting, etc. and today we have a happy, healthy 11 year old boy. :)

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