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Transferring to another college

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My daughter is attending the community college this year. Even though she is only a freshman she will be transferring to a 4 year college next year. We are possibly moving to Tennessee but aren't 100% sure yet. Either way she really isn't happy at the school she is at now and will transfer either way. I've been searching a few colleges today and I noticed at a few of the colleges that the student isn't guaranteed a dorm room if they have over 30 credit hours. Since my daughter would be transferring and would be new to the school she would much rather stay on campus then get an apartment her first year. Is this common policy at a lot of schools? A few of the colleges basically said that transfers with more than 30 hours had the last choice of housing.


DD was planning on taking 15 hours this semester and 15 next semester. 12-16 is considered a full load. Now I'm wondering if it would be better for her to only take 12 this semester and 16 next semester for a total of 28. That way she would be able to stay on campus. Since she is getting a teaching degree it looks like many schools are changing to a 5 year program anyway.

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I'm afraid that it is becoming more common for transfers with more than approx 26 credits, it varies by school, to not get housing at all. My son is starting at UMass Amherst with 40 credit hours and all transfer students with 27 credits and more were told that they stand a 1 in 5 chance of getting on-campus housing. The more credits, the lower the chances. Furthermore, once you're off-campus, you never get back on since priority is based on the # of semesters that you've lived on campus.


One woman I met during orientation was very upset to learn this since her daughter had struggled to finish school with mono, and that this effort could cost her a dorm room since she had 27 credits. Had she known (naturally the school didn't inform parents until late June) she could have either: a) dropped a course to transfer with less than 27, or b) go to the other school she was accepted at that did guarantee housing.


Make sure you know what the dorm situation is before making any final decisions about courses and schools. Good luck!



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It's this way at George Mason and VCU--at least, it's very hard to find dorm housing after freshman year, even if you aren't a transfer.

If it's that important to you, I guess I'd consider having her take 28 hours.


There is still plenty of "life" off campus--just because you have an apt doesn't mean you can't do on campus things, or have a roommate experience, or spend most of your time on campus. You can usually even have a meal plan. My son does--just dinners.

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