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7th grader using MFW Countries and Cultures with 7th/8th grade supplement?


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Has anyone used this with a 7th grader?

How was the workload?

Were the 7th/8th grade supplement suggestions enough to bring it up to level?

Could they do the work mostly independently?


We're coming off 3 heavy years of TOG. We're taking a break from TOG this year and I need something lighter & easy to implement.

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oops. missed this until I saw it cross posted on high school.


My oldest did ECC with jr. high in 7th grade.


She did the country summary sheets (research and writing)

a full country report


read a LOT from book basket (at all levels including novels and picture books. She reads everything!)


she enjoyed reading from World Book cd rom. She took responsibility for crafts and cooking projects, so that added for jr. high kid to do all of that, and free me up to teach Kindy kid that year.


she read the extra biographies and did 2 progeny press guides as well.


it was plenty. She had math and science at her level. MFW recommends in 2nd edition that jr. highers read Properties of ecosystems for more science knowledge that connects with geography, but to do a full 7th grade science such as General Science, for science.


She did a lot on her own, still needed some transition help from me. Workload was about 5 hours a day or maybe less (but that was for all subjects and everything, math, science, writing, etc.)


She's in 9th grade now in MFW's ahl.




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