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Bob Jones English for 7th grade and up?

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I'd like to hear reviews if anyone has used BJU for English middle school and up. Currently my 7th grader is using LLATL Tan. She really REALLY loves worksheets though and LLATL seems a bit easy for her. I know I could go up to the green level, but she needs extra work with writing so that's why I chose Tan.


Anyway, i'd like to know how you liked BJU and if you used it thru highschool. Especially the writing portions.

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We like the Writing/Grammar, have used gr. 7, 9, 10, 11, 12. I skipped dd to the 12th gr. one this year (she is in 11th gr.) and she asked what we were using next year. I said nothing..... she got mad! I want to do more composition next year. If you can get the dvd part, we love the English teacher, she is excellent. Some of the writing assignments are so so, but there are plenty enough to skip the few you don't want to do. And when she says to go back and change the type of sentences in your paper, maybe don't listen :) Ds had written a great paper in 12th grade. Then she said to do that and we moaned..... but most of the instruction is good.


We don't like their lit. that much. We have used the 7th gr. one and the 12th gr. one. They were ok. I do tire of the questions and the "angle." Dd enjoyed the 7th gr. text. I didn't like 8th, so we stopped. Ds did Brit. Lit w/dvds. The teacher was good. Once you get a few years of their lit. books, you end up knowing the literary terms and such. Then you want better selections. At least that is how it was with us.

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