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Remedia Outlining, WTM outlining...having issues...

Robin in DFW

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I'm having ds13 use the Remedia Outlining book. Should I have him complete that first and then delve into WTM outlining???


I tried to have him do a simple one-level outline today and it was a flop. Mostly, because I just can't seem to find a decent source to outline from! I would like to incorporate his subjects somehow...mainly outlining for History and Science. The Hakim books are not conducive to outlining...at least not to me. The US History Encyclopedia I have is so brief, there is nothing to outline. Should I worry about combining outlining with what he's studying? Or, just have him outline a topic of his choice from the Kingfisher (I have both the white and red versions).


I'm embarrassed to say I had trouble with this today myself...


Outlining for the purpose of writing about something (like Remedia is covering) is fine...it's the outlining of someone else's writing that is the issue.


Anyone else have trouble with WTM outlining? Maybe I'm just making it harder than it really is.


My plan is to have him outline one day and go back and write from his outline on another day. Is that acceptable?


My head hurts and we still have Texas History to do...bleh...

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We tried to faithfully start the outlining process with DS with the Kingfisher Encyclopedia and it flopped completely. The paragraphs had so little content that, in order to do a two level outline, he would basically have to write down everything that's in the paragraph in complete sentences -might as well copy the whole thing.

After frustration, we (gasp!) abandoned the outlining completely. I have both children take notes on their reading the same way I did my notes all the way throughout college and graduate school: learn how to NOT write in full sentences (which will be very useful as you have to keep up with a lecturer), use bullets, highlighted headings, indents to structure it.

To be honest, I never had to outline anything in my life, but I did have to take notes on reading material (because there were no copy machines when I grew up in the Eastern block and textbooks were hard to get - you had to make notes on EVERYTHING.) You can still learn how to structure, how to distinguish the main idea.

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One option for outlining is K12's Human Odyssey. Another option is National Geographic Almanac of World History. I outlined from K12's Human Odyssey quite successfully. I haven't outlined from NG Almanac but my friend looked at it from an outlining perspective and felt it would be suitable.



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and found that it's not necessary to write in complete sentences, but to do as Regentrude suggested...take a more "notetaking" approach.


I found some lessons that advocate using phrases rather than single words or sentences...so basically notetaking but in outline form.


Just as a note...we have tried IEW's SWI with the KWO...I guess it would be kind of like that only a little more organized and not making note of something in every. single. sentence.


I think we can do this.


Oh, and we did finish our Texas History for today.:tongue_smilie:

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