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HELP! Can I substitute something for oil in waffle recipe?

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I promised the kids waffles for dinner and am out of veggie oil.


I have olive oil, peanut oil, butter and crisco... can I use any of these?


UPDATE: Well, I pulled out the peanut oil and it was WAY beyond expiration, so I chose to do melted crisco (since I rarely use it and wanted to use it up). It worked perfectly and the kids were thrilled! I added chopped up frozen blueberries, so if there was a different taste, they wouldn't have noticed :)


Thanks everyone!

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Butter. The Joy of Cooking says to use an ungodly amount of melted butter and more if you want even more delish waffles. They are right. Crisp on the outside and luscious on the inside. We make them every Sunday morning and by Friday morning (hee) I can't wait for Sunday morning. Then we've been taking the leftovers (or making extra) to make waffle icecream sandwiches for Sunday dessert.

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