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b/d confusion

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I know I just posted another thread, but I didn't want to get things mixed up. I used to teach kindy, but I still don't know the answer to this question.

When should I get worried about his inability to distinguish b & d? He's 6, was in PS kindy last year.




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I always heard it was considered "normal" until the end of first grade. But, both my son and my daughter are still confusing them and they are almost 11 and 9, respectively. I'm not surprised with my son because he has lds, but my daughter does not and she is, if anything, advanced in language arts, so I never quite understand why she still has to think it through. Anyway, I'm not worried about her at all.



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My 8yo son confusses them. I was told that 8/2nd grade is still in the normal range and he really only does it in spelling and not often enough in reading that it messes up his progress. It's really easy to mix them up. I see my 10yo do it on occassion and then correct it.


give the fishing bowl game a try: http://literactive.com/Download/stories.asp?cat=44


teach your son about bed and making b & d with the hands. Draw pictures such as the bat hitting the ball. Teach drawing "d" with a c.


You can google for more ideas. But at 6 it is REALLY normal!!!

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If his school used sight words, leveled readers, guided reading, and other whole language practices, you may have to use some nonsense words to help him overcome some of the habits that causes. My game is fun and free and makes both real and nonsense words.


Even some children taught with just phonics occasionally have some b/d problems, but it is generally more problematic if they are taught with methods that teach them to look at words as wholes.


Here are some b/d ideas I have come up with to help my remedial students:



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