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So, WWYD after TT pre-calc??

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Thinkwell Calculus. It's the BEST of the Thinkwell Math programs since the EOC questions always line up with the lecture and you need not do ALL of it (three college semesters was what the original program was, maybe they have it broken down now.) Fun course per my ds!


(He didn't use TT for PreCal.)

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The reason im asking is because I'm having issues over TT or MUS, and I want to stick with whichever all the way. If I use MUS, that's not a problem. If I use TT, and I want ds to do a calculus, especially in light of TT's supposed weaker pre-calculus, I will have to find something else.


This is getting ridiculous. I have never had such an issue making a decision in my life.

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I've had two finish TT through Pre-Calc. My oldest did Chalkdust's Calculus at home without any problems. My middle son (just a junior this year) will be doing Life of Fred's Stats (perhaps augmented by things I bring home from school to assist with the calculator aspect), and then will do Calc 1 (most likely with Chalkdust) his senior year.


Both tested EASILY into Calc via our local cc placement test after they finished with Pre-Calc. If they hadn't, I'd have gone with College Alg.

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Some strong/natural math students will be able to test into College Calc after TT Pre-Algebra.
Wow, and I thought TT wasn't very rigorous! :lol:




Well, she did say STRONG/NATURAL math students...


Of course, one wonders why such a student needed Pre-Algebra, but they probably compressed it into a week or two. :lol:

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