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My 7 yr. old ds comes downstairs this morning and says,

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That's pretty funny! My daughter said something funny about school last year. I had to look it up in my little 'journal' to remember it exactly. She was bringing down some dirty clothes to her dad in the basement as he was going to start a wash.


She came up and started to go upstairs to get more. I reminded her that we had to finish up something for school.


The conversation went like this:


Alexa: What’s more important? School or laundry?

Me, jokingly: Yes. (meaning: both!)

Alexa: Would you rather be educated or naked?

Me: Huh?

Alexa: Well, if we don’t have any clean clothes, we’ll have nothing to wear, and then we’ll have to walk around with no clothes on!

Me: So are you trying to say that laundry is more important than school?

Alexa: Yes!


And she proceeded to go upstairs and get the rest of the laundry.


I'm not sure that's quite as funny as preferring to "get in trouble" haha but I still found it humorous!

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