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Getty-Dubay and other handwriting programs


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I am looking around at different handwriting programs for my K'er. I think we used something similar to Palmer, which I don't like.


I don't like a lot of the manuscript programs and the way the letters are formed: too many strokes and not visually appealing to me. I have been showing my son how I print my letters along with the way the handwriting sheet was showing. I told my son he could choose whichever way was easiest for him and after trying out both ways he always picks mine.


So, I looked up Getty-Dubay (Italic) and D'Nealian. Some teachers seem to think D'Nealian was too different from the written books and frustrated children. But, I haven't found much on Getty-Dubay.


Any experience with these programs? Any other thoughts or recommendations?

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I've looked at Zaner-Bloser. It is much better than the Palmer, IMO. But, I'm not completely sure about it. I found a chart that compared 5 different styles, and ZB was the only one that didn't show the strokes. I'd like to do something that is more continuous stroke, since it seems easier for me and him. Why did you switch from Getty-Dubay?


I was thinking of possibly doing Getty-Dubay for manuscript and then switching to something else for cursive.

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