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1 day in Boston - what not to miss

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Our cruise stops for one day in Boston. We talked about American Revolution a lot last year (He watched all of Liberty Kids) and are doing American History, from pre-colonist on again this year. With only a day, what would you be sure to see in Boston?


I know my husband wants to go back to Quincy market. (I think that's what it's called, it's been a really long time.) And we not doing the aquarium.


What should we hit?

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The Freedom Trail. It can take all day to walk it, but you'll really see all the historic sites. You can take the trolley tour, but you won't see as much unless you get on and off continually. Plus, it's expensive. (If you do walk the Trail, wear comfortable walking shoes; don't wear sandals. Ask me how I know. :glare:) Harvard is interesting to see. We love Quincy Market, too.

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Another thumbs-up for the Freedom Trail.

The painted and bricked red lines make it easy to navigate. A few of the buildings ask for a small fee to tour. We felt it was worth the money to see them. If you're short on time, you can always pick and choose.

While you're around the North End (Italian section), a good place for a treat is Mike's Pastry. They're known for their cannoli, but I preferred the gigantic lobster claw cream puff, which I had packaged and ate with my husband and son (although it was so good I could've eaten it all myself) on the way over to the "new" State House, which also has an interesting tour and is near the Beacon Hill area.


The USS Constitution tour is informative, entertaining, and not too long. It and Bunker Hill are located in Charlestown. We climbed to the top of the Bunker Hill Tower, but you could skip that if necessary.


Harvard and MIT are interesting to see, too.


Have fun! I love Boston. It's one of my all-time favorite cities.

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One day? I might not do the entire Freedom Trail, which is really two parts, unless you all really wanted this. I would do a part of it, the area near Fanueil Hall & Quincy market, and Paul Revere's grave site (along with Ben Franklin's parents' site). If your kids are realy little, I would also check out at the Public Gardens, the Swan Boats, and the Mallard Make Way for Ducklings sculpture.


I like the trolley tours as I've never been on one that didn't have a personality -plus driver who knew a lot of Boston's history. It's very entertaining.


Durgin Park in Quincy Market is an interesting place to eat. Very historical, if not the most gastromical expereince ever. ;)

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