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Emergency decorating help needed

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My house has been added on to multiple times, and the owners who did the work did not always have the best sense of style.


One person moved the front door from the middle of the house, and used the existing entryway to make all of the kids' rooms have walk in closets.


That doesn't sound so bad, but the new front door opens directly to a blank white wall leading to a long hall.


Eventually, we will build a wrap around screen porch, and turn the existing porch into a real entryway.


In the meantime, I have a party and an appraisal for our refinance in a little over a week.


Is there anything I can do to make the house's first impression a little better? I would like to paint the walls a light coffee color with cream trim.


I could hang this painting, but it would need to be centered with the wall, not the door, so there would still be a blank wall in front of the door.









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Why would it have to be centered on the wall? Seems as if people would actually see it better if were centered on the door. Also, unless it's a ginormous painting, won't it be lost if you hang it in the middle of the wall?


Is there nothing else you could hang on the wall in addition to the painting?

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this is our front hallway!!! except it was dh who did it before we were married :confused:


we bought a windowframe with metal work inside it instead of glass, and positioned it so that you faced it as you came in the door and turned to the right... ie. it isn't centered on anything, but it leads the eye down the hall and into the main room. i put seasonal wreaths on it, rather than on the outside door.


it works for us : ). good luck!


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I'd put a mirror there & hang the picture further down the wall.


Remember that when people come into your house, you're there in the doorway, opening the door. So that empty wall is behind you & is not really so blank to the visitor. But still, I'd mirror it.


If you don't want mirrors, then I'd go with a group of similar or linked artworks that you can stagger down the wall & those would lead a person into the hall.

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I think the paint would warm the space, sounds like you have chosen a nice neutral with some character.


I would hang a picture, mirror or photograph centered as you enter the door. The hallway looks too narrow for a bench or any furniture so I would use the long wall for something more practical such as a long peg rack for hanging guests coats stained to match your door. That would make it feel more like an entranceway. Over it hang some favorite family photos or some of your favorite quotes.

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I'd put a mirror there & hang the picture further down the wall.

Not sure I'd want to hang a mirror in front of the door, such that people are startled when they walk in and see themselves RIGHT THERE, lol.


Picture in front of the door, mirror down the hall where it would expand the space.

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That hallway is BARE.


I would do some of the following:


A carpet runner.


COLOR! Anything at this point--but your idea was great.


A couple of low bookcases lined up against the wall that is opposite the door. They are skinny and low, so they're easy to walk past. I have some in my upstairs hallway. You can put decorative items on top of the bookcases--plants, candles--something to cozy it up.


Pictures--a lot. I have decorated my house with big framed pictures of maps and with wreaths. They look great together. A nice balance of masculine and feminine.




Hooks for coats/hats. I have two accordian type racks. (Look like this). You can hang keys, purses, hats, light jackets, umbrellas, or decorative things on them. My parents used to use these racks to hang their 500 piece collection of mugs.


A mirror--probably not directly opposite the door, but nearby. Actually, I would put the mirror on the wall NEXT to the door, so you can make sure your hair is ok before leaving the house.


Oh, and did I say, COLOR? :)



ETA: This is not an overnight decorating solution. That hallway could be lots of fun if it were filled up with something that reflects your personality. In fact, I prefer a door that opens to something like a hallway, vs opening right up into a room. A hallway or entryway gives you a chance to pause before spilling right into a room.

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That hallway is BARE.



LOL - you'd hate my house. I love BARE.


I'm trying for this









Alas, books & dogs & lego keep changing that look. :D


BUT I don't have a single thing on my living space walls except one huge, collossal mirror which spans the huge collosal brick fireplace & reflects the tree canopy outside....

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If it would fit, I'd get a narrow (i.e. not very deep) bookshelf or table, with some greenery. IKEA sells a shoe cupboard thing (not sure what they call it), that's only 4" deep. It would give you somewhere to put some artificial plants and break up the long hallway.


I really like the idea of several smaller pics by the doorway. And I'm a fan of wrought iron things on the wall. I've gotten several (along these lines)from Pier 1 that I love. I think your paint idea sounds great, too.

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I would leave the walls white. To paint it a darker color is going to make it look darker. In a hallway, that's not a good idea. Is there any natural light there?


Is the hallway wide enough so you can get a long, narrow table to put on the blank wall, and add some pictures, candles, etc? It's just all so bare. I wouldn't want it so bare. But if the hallway is narrow you're not going to want to put much of anything on the floor for someone to have to get around or stumble over.


You could jazz it up with many different things. It's not that you have to fill the entire space, but I, personally, think the blank wall is cold and uninviting. My personal opinion is that the picture you want to hang is too sparse, too.


I'd take time to collect things that reflect your personal personality and style. You don't need to fill the wall, just break up all that blank space.

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