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OT- need some lawn/stump grinding/gardening advice

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Our front yard is a total wreck! Bushes half dead in some areas, but wildly out of control in others. The lawn is thin and sick looking, weeds, moss growing, very shady. We had a large tree removed because it was dying and there is now a huge pile of leftovers from the stump grinding.


My plan was to use landsaping rocks to make a border between the lawn and the area in front of the house where we have bushes. I've trimmed back the bushes and I'm pretty sure I can revive them and plant some nice flowers and get that looking pretty.


After I do that, I need to do something to bring the grass back to life.


Can I use the sawdust from stump grinding to either mulch around the front of the house where the bushes are growing? I was thinking to mix it with top soil and spread it, then when I have some cash, cover it with real mulch or pine straw.


Or I was thinking I might be able to spread the sawdust around the lawn. I was then going to mix grass seed with topsoil and spread that on the lawn to start new grass. I've done this before without the sawdust and have had good results.


ETA- I cannot spend any money on additional products. Currently I have a few bags of topsoil, a few bags of grass seed, a bag of lime, and I live on the side of a mountain with access to lots of pretty rocks that I plan to use for borders, but that is all I have to work with here.

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Can I use the sawdust from stump grinding to either mulch around the front of the house where the bushes are growing?


Putting the sawdust from stump grinding around the house is a good way to get black ants or termites! Use it as mulch as far away from the house as you can or compost it.


I don't think the grass will grow in the sawdust unless there is a lot of dirt mixed in.

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It is only a bad thing to have around your lawn. Spreading it around with the topsoil will only take away from the good properties of the soil. Won't help anything grow, isn't even that pretty to look at (nor very effective)as a mulch, and is very attractive to pests.


Reviving a lawn can be costly, in terms of fertilizer, so if you're limited in funds, I would make your natural area larger, so you don't have to buy more than one bag of fertilizer, and just get rid of some of your lawn. I would take advantage of the rocks. That's a really neat product to use, and there are a variety of ways to use them.


But, you gotta get rid of the sawdust from the stumps...

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Thanks for your replies. I guess I gotta get out there and start shoveling. Is this my revenge for being so happy to live in a place where I don't have to shovel snow? Or maybe I can get my teenager to do this work as a consequence for her not so lovely behavior this morning.....hmmmm, now that sounds better.

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