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7th /8th Grade Science


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I'm searching for science curriculum and I've taken the advice of others and am looking at Rainbow Science and Ellen McHenry. The Smithsonian chemistry set recommended in WTM does not seem available anymore. At least I can't find it. Also, I can't tell if Rainbow Science is secular or not, my charter school won't pay for it if its not secular.


My goals for ds.


Know how to keep a lab notebook. I'd like a curriculum that shows examples.


Get to know the periodic table and learn about the structure of molecules.


I'd really like it to come with the materials needed or some simple set to purchase which will come with everything.




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According to Rainbow Science's web site, in the section on Frequently Asked Questions, they teach evolution to the extent that children will be familiar with the concept, but that they reject it as a belief and "openly acknowledge God as creator." I haven't actually seen the curriculum (it was one that I considered), but I think you might have trouble with your charter paying for that one.


I have used Ellen McHenry's Elements, and am preparing to teach The Brain, and I also have her music cd, and as far as I've seen these are completely secular materials. I think The Elements would be fun for a 7th grader, but it wouldn't come near making up a year long course.


As I posted earlier, I am planning to use Awakening Wonder this year. If you look at their web site, under F.A.Q., they state that, while they (the authors) are Christians, the program uses only secular materials.:)

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