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Homeschool SkedTrack or other for Mac?

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I was all ready to buy Homeschool Planer Plus when I realized that it was PC only.. :(


I stumbled across Skedtrack and it looks nice.. but I was wondering if one can print out plans for the week for all students..all in one document..


What I mean is, right now i have a planner (from the teacher store) that I have all my children's course across the top.. Like S's History, E's Hisotry etc.. and down the side are the days of the week. I fill it all in by hand and it's all nice and in once place.. easy to see where we are for each child at a glance.. I got tired of flipping through different notebooks and pages for each kid as we sat down to school..


Will Skedtrack allow me to do this too? If not, does any program allow this..


I really wanted something with the functionality of HST+ to cut down on all the hours it takes to plan out the entire year.. but will keep doing it by hand if I can't find something..



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