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Singapore Math Standards Edition question.


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It is time for me to order the next level of SM for my daughter. She will need 2A. I am trying to figure out which edition would be better for us. Can someone tell me if the new standards edition has more practice than the US version? If so, how much has been added?(just to see if I still need the extra practice book) Also, this will be the first time I use a HIG. Does the new version have a better layout in the HIG? The new edition is lined up with CA standards but is that a good or bad thing?:D





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The new version has a better HIG. It also has more review in that there is a review set after every chapter, but I wouldn't say that it has more practice in each lesson.


I really like the Standards edition. My son enjoys the color in the textbook (the US edition has only black, white, and one color in levels 3A and up). Lining up with CA standards seems to be fine overall. Some of the topics are very obviously inserted--like the stuff about probability, and as such, don't have as much in the way of development. But everything else is done very well.

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The new edition is lined up with CA standards but is that a good or bad thing?:D
Neither good nor bad. All this means is that some topics have been shuffled around and a very few added: negative numbers, co-ordinate graphing, probability. These changes were done so that the Standards Edition could be used by public schools in California and other states with like standards. The underlying methodology of the program has not changed.


There is more review, better spaced than in the US Edition (i.e. no more back-to-back reviews).

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