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How do we get the terrible smell out of sneakers that got soaking wet?

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Walking in the rain in NYC, our sneakers got soaked through. They are dry now but they SMELL HORRIBLE! We've had wet sneakers tons of times before but they never dried smelly like this. I can smell them across the room and they are about seven feet away from me-they're that bad! (It is all three of ours, all different brands/fabrics-my son's sneakers from Children's Place, my Nike running sneakers, and dd's Merrells.)


How can we get the stink out? :tongue_smilie:

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Agree with washing in the machine with a little bit of soap. The spin cycle will get a lot of the water out and they will usually air dry just fine--even here in humid GA. I usually place them upside-down over the a/c vents (ours are on the floor). When I need them to dry faster our dryer has a rack that fits into the lint trap holder so you can place your shoes on it--they won't tumble around.



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