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I know that some of your kids own these little gizmos...so I have a question for you. We are planning on getting a couple for the kids (mainly for their rooms...one for the boys room and one for Hannah's room)...mostly for music to listen to over speakers. We are not ready to let them use ear phones yet...anyway...my question...we also want to put stories on them too...but was wondering if you guys could direct us to some free or very cheap places to obtain music and stories...in our opinion, date and genre doesn't matter...except we are hoping to expose them to all sorts of good, wholesome music and stories.





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Go to Librivox.org to download free audiobooks. These books are in the public domain and are read by volunteers and are free.


Also, check your library to see if they do electronic audiobooks. If so you can put audiobooks on your players and then after a few weeks they disappear. Not sure how it all works as our home library does not have this option :-(


Adrianne in IL

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We've used emusic.com in the past--you get 45 free songs when you sign up, and there are low-cost plans, and you can cancel any time with no hassle whatsoever. IIRC, many of the songs are free--not sure if that's true anymore. It's sort of like iTunes, but doesn't always have the biggest, hippest names. Also, if you sign up for amazon.com's mp3 newsletter, they email you when they are giving away mp3 songs for free. Seems like every week they have some different free songs--and also many $5 mp3 albums, the selection changes monthly on those.

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