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Am I missing the connection between this Latin word and these English derivatives?


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I'm looking ahead at Vocabulary from the Classical Roots A, and while glancing at Lesson 11, I found this Latin word:

Eo, Ire, Ivi, Itum <L. "to go"


The English vocab. words that are supposed to go with that root include "ambience", "obituary", and "transient". Huh? For a 7th grader that's never done Latin before, will he really see a connection? Forget that...for a Mom who studied Latin for 2 years in college and just coached a 9th grader halfway through Wheelock's last year...??? Is there any part of those English words that looks at first glance like it came from that root? (Forget about all the conjugations. I'm dealing with a student who won't be doing real Latin grammar for a couple of years.)


I know these really *are* derived from these words, but wouldn't you think they'd choose words with roots that are more evident at first glance? The two boxes beside the root include Familiar Words and Challenge Words also derived from Eo, Ire, Ivi, Itum: ambition, circuit, exit, issue, perish, sudden, trance, transit, exeunt, extradition, introit and transition.


Am I nuts?

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