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Coming in at 5th Grade

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I want to do a Classical curriculum with my 10 yr old, we have been very relaxed up until now.


She has studied most time periods except the Renaissance (is that SOTW 2 or 3?), so I was thinking of spending a year covering that, then start Grade 6 with the Ancients again. Is this the best thing?


She is an avid reader but not a great speller and has done no formal grammar program, so I am not sure what is best for her. I have seen a Charlotte Mason Language Lessons book I was thinking of doing with her as FLL only goes up to Grade 4.


How do I know where to start on grammar, spelling, history and science for her to catch up ready for grade 6?

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Some others will have more advice on recent elementary grammar and spelling. Grammar does repeat some every year. I would try a 4th or 5th grade book and work at her level. It really doesn't matter what number is on the front of the book. Also check PeaceHill Press. SWB has a writing and grammar program that might work well for you. As for science just go with her reading level. You can start history wherever you want and work on through and start over. If you haven't read The Well Trained Mind I highly recommend it! She's still young. You have time to work out the details. Have fun.

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