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How to divide history by time period?

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I've noticed that as well. I think one thing that comes into play is the creation/evolution time periods. Things such as "prehistorical" and stuff. We'll be studying Medieval times this year. I believe it is from 400 - 1600???

I'll look it up if no one else answers you by tonight. It's in the WTM book under history.

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Curriculum company's don't always use the same dates for history...why? :confused:


I would the reason is that historical changes are gradual - there is nobody who decided on January 1st 400 that these are to be the Middle Ages. The Roman Empire declined over quite some time, it was not switched off abruptly. Likewise, the beginning of the Renaissance is no fixed date; different scholars have different opinions on when the features that made this a very distinct period in history emerged.


We are grouping loosely: before 400 AD=Ancient, 400-1400 Middle ages, 1400-1600 Renaissance. Yet one can certainly make an argument for having the Renaissance start in the Middle of the 14th century. For convenience we use the grouping of the books we are working with.

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