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ds is going to have the same wonderful teacher

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that he has had for the last 2 years. Ds is in special ed, he is going into 7th grade. He started public school in 5th grade and is in a self contained classroom with about 8 other kids and 3 or 4 aides. When I talked to his teacher at the end of last year, she was pretty sure that he was going to have a different teacher but I just got ds's schedule and they moved his teacher up to 6/7 (they combine 2 grades in the self contained classrooms). He is so happy. She is strict, which ds needs, but still very caring and does fun stuff. He is scheduled to mainstream into history and science with different teachers but with an aide. I will call his special ed. teacher and ask her about the history and science teachers as I think they are either new or transferred from other schools (NJ has been firing and moving tons of teachers for this year).

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I am so happy for your son. Our school district did a lot of firing and transferring, too. I hope he has a great year.


My ds got the preschool teacher his sister had the last two years. She was wonderful for dd, and so far has been awesome for ds, too.


Thanks for sharing your happy ps story!

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