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Which READING program for 1st & 2nd graders, BJU or HOD?


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My twin boy's in 1st and DD in 2nd will be doing the same program. Basically, I will have 3 that need to read aloud the same book to me. I just can't decide which one of these progams I want to get. It makes more sense to get HOD Beyond and do their emerging readers schedule, since I'm going to use that guide next year when they are 2nd & 3rd graders. We're finishing the left side of LHFHG this year at a slow pace since I want to mainly focus on math, reading & writing.


I love how the BJU TE gives the specific ?'s and possible answers to expect. It looks like a good reading program and not dry and boring like you would think. I just keep going back and looking at both without being able to decide.


The HOD emerging readers schedule looks sweet though.


Any thoughts or input? :)

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I have used the HOD Emergent Reader Schedule. I love it!


The Beyond guide does give you questions to ask for the daily portions read, covering the Blooms toxonamy. The other thing I absolutely love is the guide gives a second book option for each week. There are no questions for these books but it might be nice to have your kids reading different books at times. I have also found the optional books great to use for free reading or to make the schedule take longer. This has helped my boys mature into the reading skills they have.

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