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Laughing so hard....

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I was out on the pony cart on the way home, and I met my nephew and his six year old son. Mark wanted to come home with me so he hopped in.


I was greatly honored, first of all because Mark loves to eat at the cafe, and he chose to come with me instead. So I told him I'd feed him when we got to my house.


I put on my apron, he looks at me and says "I don't think you're a very good cook." "How come?" I ask, and he says "your apron is really messy!"


He tells me after lunch he wants to go on a hike, and so off we go. Our boy dogs go with us, and they both pee on the same thing. Mark wants to know what they are doing, and I tell him when one of them goes, so does the other. He nods his head and says "yeah, me and Ryan are the same way."


I got a soft spot for this kid. He's a bit roly poly, like my oldest used to be. He told me once I was his favorite aunt, and I said, "Actually, I'm your great aunt," and he said "yep, you are a great aunt."


He can get away with a lot around here.

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