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AOPS sequence??

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:bigear: I'm also curious what others have done.


We just started AoPS with Number Theory, because my dd hadn't taken Algebra yet, and the NT pretest actually had the least requirement for Algebra concepts (oddly, inlcuding the pre-test for the Algebra book).


She's going to finish up half the book this summer - through Base Arithmetic, and we'll finish the other half next summer, I'm thinking.


The Algebra book will be the next one we'll tackle, but I think I'm going to get some more pre-Algebra in her before we do that. Although after how well she's been doing this summer, we may get there faster than I'd planned...

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DD started with Intro to Algebra last year for 7th grade and is doing Geometry now, after that she wants to move on to Intermediate Algebra.

Number theory and Probability are nice interesting topics, particularly useful for students who want to participate in competitions - but not really a prerequisite for the other stuff. We will at some point work in probability and statistics, but not sure when.

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

When I asked they said tthe order they are listed on the website. Their books don't translate directly into typical courses. For example, they use Intro to Algebra for both their Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 courses. When I get to my computer I'll see if I can find the email from them saying how to assign credits if you do the books on your own.

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

Here is what he said when I asked about the Algebra sequence. He thought I was asking about the online classes instead of the books.


On the front page and on the schedule page, we have Geometry after Algebra 2. This is the order I recommend taking the classes, because the Intro Geometry course is a bit harder and requires more mathematical maturity than the Algebra 2 course.
Here is how he responded when I told him I was talking about the books and what courses each book equaled. Each paragraph is a different response to a question about a specific volume so it seems choppy. I added book titles in brackets or clarity.


Ah, I didn't realize that you were referring to the books. Our courses are titled "Algebra 1", "Algebra 2", "Algebra 3". The first two go with our Introduction to Algebra book, and the third goes with our Intermediate Algebra book. Our Intermediate Algebra book is not what a typical curriculum would call "Algebra 2". Our text covers some of the advanced material of Algebra 2, the non-trig portions of Precalculus, and some material that is not usually included in the standard curriculum. Our Intro to Algebra book covers what a typical curriculum would call Algebra 1 and a considerable portion of Algebra 2.


You could comfortably book the Intro Algebra for a year of Algebra 1 and a semester of what most people call Algebra 2, and call the Intermediate Algebra a semester of Algebra 2 and a semester of "Precalculus".


I'd be comfortable calling it [Precalculus] a full year of a Precalc, even. It includes a fair amount of important material that many students don't see until after calculus (and, lamentably, until after they really need it in physics and multivariable calculus, which is why we included it in our Precalculus book).


Yes, each of those ["Counting & Probability," and "Number Theory"] are one-semester courses. The order of the courses that we recommend is the order listed on the online school schedule page here:




The Intro Number Theory and Counting courses can be taken simultaneously with any of the Algebra or Geometry courses (or with each other). The Intermediate Counting and Intermediate Number Theory should be considered optional.

I hope that helps:001_smile:
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