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My son is almost 6 and has done no handwriting, he can write his name but likes it to look joined up.


I thought of starting him with cursive but worry it will be too hard for him to do straight off, so that leaves me with 2 options.


The first is to do Getty Dubay Italics as the transition to cursive looks very simple to do. I am not sure how my son will feel with this as he likes the look of cursive but he may find GD so much easier to do.


The other is to teach a D'Nealian font that again leads to an easy transition to cursive.


Any preferences to these 2? Is there anywhere online I can just print off worksheets as living in the UK we can only get Getty Dubay over here.

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we just started GD and i think it will be the one we stick with. it is closest to my own handwriting, and i am a calligrapher so my kids naturally have an interest in good handwriting--that does not mean they are always able to deliver.


i love how it looks when it is mastered. i am switching my ds9 (who has not gone far with cursive...he's actually just starting because handwriting has always been SUCH a chore for him) and am starting with GD book A with dd5.


here's hoping!

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HWOT was the best thing for my now 7 yo - she loved it and has a beautiful print, and has done cursives in first grade already, but she was already printing well. For Cursives I used some D'nelian but now I use a Reason for Handwriting. easy transition.

My 5yo never liked to color or draw like my 7 yo, does not have this gift, but he loes HWOT - the songs, the mat man, everythng - begs for more handwriting lessons every day...

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My dd's handwriting looks much better after starting G-D Italics. I use StartWrite to create her handwriting practice sheets. If you decide to get StartWrite, you can download my G-D Italics A practice sheets.


GuestHollow.com has free G-D Italics alphabet practice sheets.


Downunder Literature has a free Italics alphabet practice book that uses the NSW Foundation font.


Here are some free Italics fonts that you can download to create your own alphabet/copywork sheets:


1. Jarman & Jardotty


2. Briem


3. Queensland Print & Cursive


4. Victoria Modern Cursive

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