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I just want to buy the wipe part. You know ... like the dry paper part of one of those Chlorox cleaning wipe canisters? I have a special cleaning solution I want to soak the roll of wipes with. Does anyone know of a supplier of just the paper rolls? The papers are perforated and kind of fit into a snaggle tooth cutter at the top of the canister. Longshot, I know. Thanks for reading.


I would be interested in this too...

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----hijacking here -------


but I have a couple dried out containers of wipes which I need to re-wet. (this is what happens when emergency preparedness stockpiling gets out of control :D)


What should I use?


One is a hand wipe container & the other is a surface disinfectant container.


I was thinking water + isopropyl alcohol for the hands


And for the surfaces? Water + a bit of lysol liquid cleaner?

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No, but we used to make homeade diaper wipes by cutting a roll of paper towels in half, then putting them in a rubbermaid food storage container, then pouring our own solution over them. Use a strong towel though, like Bounty. hth


We did this too! Best wipes ever! Once the paper core gets soaked it comes out easily and then the wipes pull out from the middle. I think, not totally sure, it was 2 cups of liquid total per half roll of bounty. I did get tired of cutting rolls of towels in half though! (We used a bread knife)

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