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Is there anything that works to get rid of age spots?

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Well, the cosmetics cop lady, Paula Begoun, gives great advice and sunscreen as you're doing (in fact, she adds: I have found that using a sunscreen with only titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as the active ingredients has the most impressive results. The difference in my face, arms, and hands has been significant ever since I made that change several years ago.) plus a lotion/cream with hydroquinone are her recommendations! There are plenty out there. I used a skin lightener with hydroquinone from Avon once that was inexpensive and effective (not for age spots, however) so you don't have to spend an arm and a leg, either.

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A mask of frothy egg-white and lemon juice. It's watery, and will tighten up after you apply, but it works, for a number of things.


If you have an aversion to egg-whites, use honey with lemon juice. Honey will moisturize, lemon will lighten skin color. If you want a pore cleaner, add baking soda to warm honey *moments before you apply*, with a little lemon.

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