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Artistic Pursuits

Wheres Toto

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I have the K-3 book 1, and I think using the lessons as you like is just fine. The point is really to get them drawing at that point and I don't remember that the lessons build on each other particularly.


I love Artistic Pursuits. :iagree:


We are using AP this year and found that some of the lessons are just wonderful for STOW 2, as well.


This book works great and has been easily adapted for my range of kids.

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Do any of them 'sort of' align with SOTW 3?? I am struggling in the art area!


K-3 book 1 covers Ancient art.

K-3 book 2 covers "the period leading up to, during, and following the Renaissance."

K-3 book 3 covers "modern art from Impressionism to artists of today."


You might need parts of books 2 and 3 for SOTW 3, depending on how the dates are divided. I must confess that I haven't used SOTW so I'm not exactly sure.


In the grade 4-6 books, they cover American art history.


The junior high books focus on World Art and its history.


The senior high books cover European art and its history.


So, I suppose it depends on your age group, what you want to use, but

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